ccm_print Syntax

All options are preceded by a forward slash and can be followed by additional qualifiers. If multiple options are called, they must be separated by spaces, each option with a leading slash.

Three methods are used to select data items:

/ml “full_list”

Individual items are specified, enclosed by double quotes. Command line length limits the number of items that can be specified with this option. (Maximum input line is 2047 characters.)

/mf file + list

Utilizes an input file of data items. Appropriate for a large number of items in a request.


For items that are in groups that can be selected using a two-letter group code.

Command line limitations

When using /ml “full_list” syntax, the list portion (including quotation marks) may not exceed 256 characters. For lengthy requests involving many data items, use /printopts or /mf syntax. A full string of options in a ccm_print request may not exceed 2047 characters.