Data Items Groups

Compustat itm_names are further organized into groups for ease of selection and presentation. Each group is given a grp_name. Grp_names are unique and do not overlay with itm_name.

A group can be made up of either items or other groups. Items can belong to more than one group. If the group contains items, they must be comparable so that they form a single table. For example, time series items in the same group must share the same calendar so that they properly align.

Groups have a two-letter mnemonic shortcut that may be used to access the data. Group data may also be accessed by using the grp_name.

New Item Group Name Group Name CCM Code
Company Header History COMPHIST /ch
Company Summary COMPSUMM /cs
Company Link Range History LINKRNG /lr
Officer Title OFFTITL /ot
Company Master MASTER /ma
Operating Segment Currency CCM_SEGCUR /sr
Operating Segment Customer CCM_SEGCUST /sc
Operating Segment Detail CCM_SEGDTL /sd
Operating Segment Geographic Area Codes CCM_SEGGEO /sg
Operating Segment Item CCM_SEGITM /sm
Operating Segment NAICS CCM_SEGNAICS /sy
Operating Segment Product CCM_SEGPROD /sp
Operating Segment Source CCM_SEGSRC /ss
Company Filing Date Data CCM_FILEDATE /fd
Company Audit Data - Annual CCM_AAUDIT /ua
Company Audit Data – Quarterly CCM_IAUDIT /ia
Company Adjustment Factor Event History ADJFACT /aj
Company Industry Presentation Code CCM_IPCD /ip
Company Fortune 500 Ranking Data FORTUNE /fo
Company Market Data - Annual AMKT /am
Company Market Data - Quarterly IMKT /qm
GICS History HGIC /gh
Security Header List SECLIST /sl
Security Header SECURITY /se
Security Header History SECHIST /sn
Security Monthly Stock Split Events SEC_MTHSPT /tx
Security Monthly Stock Split Events Footnotes SEC_MSPTFN /tf
Security Monthly Stock Dividend Events Footnotes SEC_MDIVFN /td
Constituent Mapping IDXCST_HIS /im
Security S&P Index Old Format Change Events SEC_SPIND /is
S&P Index Constituent Descriptor Change Events SPIDX_CST /ix
Index Header IDX_INDEX /in
Index Header Pre-GICS SPIND /ih
Annual Index Period Descriptor IDXADES /xa
Quarterly Index Period Descriptor IDXQDES /xq