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Item Overview – Itm_names

Each Compustat item in the CCM database has a unique mnemonic text name, itm_name, maintained by CRSP. The CRSP item names match the Compustat mnemonic names wherever possible. In some rare instances, CRSP must provide a different name from Compustat’s in order to maintain uniqueness across the Compustat data groups and all CRSP products supported by CRSPAccess.

The following table is a comprehensive list of cases where the CRSP itm_name used does not match Compustat’s mnemonic.

Compustat mnemonic CRSP itm_name Description Definition
BETA XPFBETA Data item Beta
DVPSXM XDVPXSM Data item Index Monthly Dividend
PRC XPFPRC Data item Participation Rights Certificates
PRCCM XPRCCM Data item Index Price – Close Monthly
PRCHM XPRCHM Data item Index Price – High Monthly
PRCLM XPRCLM Data item Index Price – Low Monthly
PRC_DC XPFPRC_DC Data code Participation Rights Certificates Data Code
PRC_FN XPFPRC_FN Footnote Participation Rights Certificates Footnote
RET XPFRET Data item Total RE Property
RET_DC XPFRET_DC Data code Total RE Property Data Code
RET_FN XPFRET_FN Footnote Total RE Property Footnote
YEAR YEARQ Data item Year Quarterly