Keys and Keytypes

A. Keys and Keytypes /ky <keytype>

Keytypes tell ccm_ref_print what kinds of keys will be used to access data. They are the equivalent to GVKEY, PERMNO, CUSIP in ccm_print and other CRSPAccess utilities.

The default keytype is refcode, used to access Compustat character reference code data. To access numeric reference codes, currency and economic data, the user must specify the keytype needed to access each category of data. This is done with the “/ky <keytype>” option, entered at the command line or at the program prompt. Only one keytype can be active at a time, and only data tied to the active keytype is retrieved.

Four keytypes are available for use with ccm_ref_print:

/ky refcode (default)

used to access Compustat reference data associated with character keys

Examples: Accounting Standard Codes, Footnote Codes, Major Index Codes

/ky refnum

used to access Compustat reference data associated with numerical keys

Examples: GICS, S&P Economic Sector, Auditors

/ky currency

used to access Compustat currency and exchange rate data

Examples: Daily and Monthly Exchange Rates, ISO Currency Codes

/ky country

used to access Compustat economic indicator data

Examples: CPI, GDP, Housing starts