Using Keysets With Index Groups

When viewing index series, no keysets are needed since only one time series is available. Keysets are used to identify the portfolio numbers within the index groups. Keyset numbers are assigned to make keysets unique across all products. Rebaltypes are listed beginning at 401, indtypes at 501, and listtypes at 601. ind_print maintains an offset for each group so that users can specify the porttype, grouptype, or actual keyset.

ind_print software is backwards compatible to accept either keyset values or portfolio numbers. If a keyset value is nonzero and less than 200, the offset is applied, so that the old type notation or new keyset notation selects the same series. Selecting portfolios 1-10 is translated for index groups to keysets 501-510 internally, and returns tags 1-10.

A user can select specific or sets of portfolios using keyset qualifiers.

For example, TRETG.1-5;IRETG.10 will translate internally to keysets 501-505 for TRETG and 510 for IRETG. These will return Total Return group data for portfolios 1-5 and Return on Income group data for portfolio 10.

If no keyset or portfolio number is defined, the default is portfolio 1.