The CRSP Third Party Alliance Program

CRSP is the leading provider of the most comprehensive US historical stock market databases to academic institutions and financial services firms. CRSP has joined with some of the foremost application providers to enable our subscribers to utilize the CRSP data in a manner tailored to their needs. CRSP’s partners provide delivery channels, data integration services, and analytical applications which enhance the value of our data products. We recognize the value of alliances which deliver solutions that create sustainable value for our subscribers and welcome you to join our partners.For more information about our Third Party Alliance Program please email us at

We would like to introduce you to our third party alliance partners:

CHASS | A center at the University of Toronto, CHASS’s resources include the CHASS Data Centre, which provides a search and retrieval system for databases including CRSP Databases.For more information about CHASS, please go to
EVENTUS | Developed by Cowan Research LC, Eventus® software enables event studies and regression analysis using the CRSP stock files, providing fast event-oriented data retrieval.For more information about Eventus, please go to
INVESTMENTS ILLUSTRATED | Investments Illustrated designs innovative charts and presentations that communicate time-tested investment principles. Their expertise includes:Digital Applications  Specially designed for websites, the electronic version of the Big Picture chart is a first-of-its-kind animated experience. See how it can help your site attract and retain visitors.Services In addition to predesigned charts, Investments Illustrated offers custom graphic design services. Its in-house designers and finance professionals can modify existing charts to accommodate your firm's data and design needs, or generate entirely new images according to your specifications.For more information about Investments Illustrated, please visit
RICHARD S. ZIMAN CENTER FOR REAL ESTATE | The Richard S. Ziman Center for Real Estate at the UCLA Anderson School of Management provides economic and demographic real estate research. The Center and CRSP collaborate on the CRSP/Ziman Real Estate Data Series.For more information about The Ziman Center, please go to
S & P’s COMPUSTAT | Standard & Poor’s provides credit ratings, risk data, valuations, indexes, and financial data to the financial services industry and the academic community. The CRSP/ COMPUSTAT Merged Database, developed by CRSP under an agreement with COMPUSTAT, links COMPUSTAT’s fundamental data and CRSP historical stock market data allowing for seamless side-by-side analysis.For more information about COMPUSTAT, please go to
SAS | SAS (SAS/ETS), renowned for its database applications, has developed the SASECRSP Interface engine in collaboration with CRSP, which enables easy extraction of CRSP Data using common SAS applications. SAS and CRSP, which have had an informal alliance since the 1990’s, recently formalized their relationship. Both partners are leaders in their respective fields and we are honored to be working with SAS.For more information about SAS please go to
WRDS | Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) is the principle data research platform and business intelligence tool used by academic, government, non-profit, and corporate firms hosting over 30,000 users globally.  Providing a singular location to access over 200 terabytes of data across multiple disciplines, WRDS offers flexible data delivery options included a simple but powerful web query method, reducing research time and empowering strategy development on the powerful WRDS Cloud. For more information about WRDS, please go to