Missing Data

Notes on Missing Values

Compustat provides specific codes for data items which are:

  • not available
  • combined with other data items
  • considered insignificant by the company
  • available only on a semi-annual or annual basis

The data provided in the CRSPAccess format have constants representing each case. Missing value codes conform with Compustat’s Strategic Insight and binary conventions for missing values.

Compustat Missing Value Codes

Missing Value Code C Constant Numeric Value
No data for data item CST_MISS_NA .0001
Data has been combined into another item CST_MISS_COMB .0004
Data has been reported by the company as insignificant CST_MISS_INSIG .0008
Data is only reported on a semi-annual basis CST_MISS_SEMI .0002
Data is only reported on an annual basis CST_MISS_ANN .0003