Reporting Tools - stk_print

stk_print: Stock Database Report Writer

stk_print is a command-line utility that can be used to access CRSPAccess stock data on all supported platforms. It is useful for browsing data formatted for a terminal or extracting data formatted for program input. It supports CRSP stock header, event, and time-series data items and supports individual securities typed at a terminal, securities in an input file, or all securities in the database. The user selects input and output options on the command line. If security identifiers are typed at the terminal, options can be switched between each entry. Output can be printed to a terminal or saved in a file.

stk_print Access

Use one of the following commands to run stk_print:


  • Stkprint or dstkprint to read the daily CRSP stock database
  • Mstkprint to read the monthly CRSP stock database

Full syntax:

  • Crsp_print  /d1 database name /s1 10 daily
  • Crsp_print /d1 database name /s1 20 monthly