Reporting Tools - ts_print

I. ts_print: Time-Series Report Writer

ts_print is a command line executable program that can be used to access data from the CRSP Stock, Stock & Index, and the CRSP/Compustat Merged Databases. Users control all of the specifications of reports through the request files. A solid understanding of CRSP data will allow users to maximize the potential of ts_print.

CRSP-Centric Mode

Accessing Compustat data through ts_print is CRSP-centric, meaning that the primary access key in this mode is CRSP PERMNO or PERMCO. In CRSP-Centric mode a composite record is built using the CRSP Link reading one or more GVKEYs, creating a seamless one-to-one access with the CRSP database.

In this document:

  • The ts_print request file
  • CRSP daily and monthly data items available within ts_print