CRSP U.S. Small Cap Value Index

The Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP) is the recognized leading provider of research-quality, historical market data and returns. Founded in 1960 to develop the first definitive measurement of long-run market returns, CRSP has long been an integral part of the academic and commercial world of financial and economic research. Since its inception, CRSP has partnered with the investment industry to develop and maintain databases and market indexes that are widely used by academics and commercial practitioners.

Once securities are assigned to a size-based market cap index, they are made eligible for assignment to a growth or value index using CRSP’s multifactor model. Securities are scored and ranked for both Value and Growth factors, then ranked.  CRSP employs a version of banding and migration between Value and Growth similar that can occasionally result in splitting securities between the two style assignments.

CRSP classifies growth securities using the following factors: future long-term growth in earnings per share (EPS), future short-term growth in EPS, 3-year historical growth in EPS, 3-year historical growth in sales per share, current investment-to-assets ratio, and return on assets.

CRSP classifies value securities using the following factors: book to price, forward earnings to price, historic earnings to price, dividend-to-price ratio and sales-to-price ratio.

The CRSP Value and Growth Total Return Indexes began posting to NASDAQ GIDSSM (Global Index Data ServiceSM) on December 31, 2012; the Price Return Indexes began posting on October 1, 2012.

CRSP U.S. Small Cap Value Index Total Return (TR)

Bloomberg IDBBG003PZ7FK5

CRSP U.S. Small Cap Value Index Price Return (PR)

CUSIP 12631F108
ISIN US12631F1084
Bloomberg IDBBG003PZ7DQ4