Subscriber Profiles

Historical Market Data


Our Academic subscribers include the leading institutions around the world. In the US, CRSP data is relied on for research and teaching at the top 280+ schools conferring PhDs, MBAs, and undergraduate degrees in math, statistics, accounting, finance, economics, and other related disciplines. Outside the US, CRSP serves over 190 leading institutions based in 34 countries.


Our Commercial subscribers include the leading asset management firms, including hedge funds, mutual funds, insurance, pension funds and endowments. Our historical research data is relied on for rigorous backtesting and serve as investment performance benchmarks.


In the government segment, CRSP historical data is relied on by researchers in regulatory agencies, Federal Reserve Banks, and other governmental entities. 

CRSP Indexes

The CRSP Indexes have been licensed by Vanguard and 16 of the indexes serve as benchmarks to certain Vanguard ETFs.

To learn more about how CRSP data can support your academic mission, please contact us at or at 312-263-6400.